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December 2018 Meeting Roundup


February 2018 Meeting Roundup

2018 Meeting Dates

Members meet at 7.30pm on a Tuesday night in the Cunningsburgh Hall. Everyone welcome…

January 2018 Meeting

This is our first meeting of 2018. Please remember meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome. It is a great chance to see what the Community Council do and to find out if becoming a member is

December 2017 Meeting Agenda

This meeting had to be cancelled as we did not have enough Community Councillors who could make it. The next meeting will be in January.  

September 2017 Meeting Roundup

August Meeting – In September!

Not enough Community Councillors could make our planned meeting date to allow it to go ahead legally so the meeting was postponed. It will be on Tuesday 5th September at 7.30pm in the Cunningsburgh School. Members of the public are

August 2017 Meeting – Postponed

Our August meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 22nd but not enough of our members are able to make the date so keep an eye on the page for the rearranged meeting. We currently have three vacancies on

June 2017 Meeting Roundup

May 2017 Meeting Roundup