September Meeting Agenda

Our next meeting is Tuesday night and we have lots on the agenda:

Quarff Kirk Roof – the CC has been supporting the Church Trust to help make the roof safe. At the last meeting it was decided to try and net the roof before the winter gales hit and more tiles were lost – we’ll be hearing how these plans have progressed.

War Memorials – the war memorials in Cunningsburgh and Quarff both need repaired and restored and funding is being sought to get the work carried out. The Cunningsburgh History Group have been co-ordinating the efforts and hopefully quotes for the work will have come in before Tuesday.

Quarff Main Road – the recent improvements in the bus lay-bys, bus shelters and road markings have been a direct result of campaigning led by the CC and this item is still on the agenda as members of the community feel a 50mph limit would also improve safety. If this is something that can be achieved, the CC will be supporting it.

Cunningsburgh Community Defibrillator – the first steps towards getting a community defibrillator in Cunningsburgh and training for local people to use it have been taken and the Community Councillors will be discussing ways in which they can support this.

Planning – Community Councillors are required to respond to some planning applications in the area. They will be discussing these and will also have a quick look at the list of all applications submitted for G,Q&C since the last meeting, in case they feel the community would like to send a comment in about any of these too.

Grant applications – there is still some money left after the Participatory Budgeting event this year and the clerk has received a few applications. The form is simple to fill out and there is still time before Tuesday so if you are a community group which requires some money for a project then please get in touch for a form and some guidance. Applications will also be considered at the November meeting but this is likely to be the last chance this financial year.
The Community Councillors decided to prioritise funding for community groups over road grants for individual households this year, but if there is any money left we will advertise to let you know the road grant scheme is open again.

If there is anything else which you feel the Community Council should know about or should be helping you with, please get in touch via Facebook, email or speak to one of your Community Councillors.